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At PMQ we take pride in teaching simple methods of investing in property that instantly generates 10-25% equity every time you do it? At PMQ we call it “Splitting your Way to Profits”. For instance, the development of a simple Splitter Block can produce anything from $50,000 and up to $100,000, and what’s more this [...]

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Understand that every project will be different, with its own unique requirements and challenges. For this reason, each project will require a wide range of skills and experiences — which your professional project manager needs to be able to deliver. The things you need to be looking for, before appointing a Project Manager As a [...]

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Is the Marketing or selling of each House or Unit Development

Marketing of your project is possibly the most stressful part of the whole process and requires the most amount of managing the managers. There are a number of marketing methods to be considered and a lot of research as to whom you should appoint. To a large degree you will find that the requirement for [...]

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The Strata Titling of the final development

‘Strata Titling’ is often referred to as ‘The Building Format Plan’. So why do we need to ‘Strata Title’? If you are planning on selling the individual townhouses, units or duplex’s, you will need to have a strata plan prepared by a licensed surveyor. This is the method of creating individual townhouses, units or duplex [...]

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Approvals, Construction, Time and Quality Control

Development projects require two types of approvals. Firstly, there is the Development Approval or commonly known as the (DA) approval and secondly there is the Building Approval, commonly known as the (BA) or builders permit or in some states the (CC) or Construction Certificate. A (DA) or Development Approval is required from Council before you [...]

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The Finance Application and Approval Process

I need you to understand that there are many ways to finance a development as described briefly under the following headings- Residential finance terms Commercial finance terms Non-Bank finance terms Creative finance terms For this step we will only talk about the conventional way of financing with either 1. Residential finance terms, or 2. Commercial [...]

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The design and tender process

First we must be very clear as to what our development strategy is, this is very important as to the type and Town Plan Zoning we intend developing within. We strongly recommend you consult with an architect or very experienced architectural draughting service, in any event you must qualify them requesting their fee structure plus [...]

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Engage consultants and co-ordinate the entire project to get your DA approved, then tender the project to ensure you get a competitive market cost for your development. We are committed to you obtaining a quality development that will provide you with a fantastic investment opportunity plus returning your invested seed capital so you can repeat [...]

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We Also Offer A Range Of Unique Services Designed For Your Success

SEMINARS ProManaged-Qld offers much more than project management to our property investors. We also offer informative, educational seminars to help clients understand all the things “they don’t tell you” about property investment. Multiple Unit Development Properties Are The Key To Success In Property Investing. Pmq Are Here To Offer Our Industry Knowledge And Expertise So [...]

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Promanaged-Qld Pty Ltd, Of Brisbane Australia, Provide Qualified Project Management Services To The Property Investor From Start To Finish!

From locating and sourcing a suitable development property, to the initial planning stages for the Development Approval (DA) application, through to construction and completion and final leasing or selling of the project, we are there for you every step of the way. Our expertise means you make the most profit, in the shortest time, with [...]

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