Promanaged-Qld Pty Ltd, Of Brisbane Australia, Provide Qualified Project Management Services To The Property Investor From Start To Finish!

From locating and sourcing a suitable development property, to the initial planning stages for the Development Approval (DA) application, through to construction and completion and final leasing or selling of the project, we are there for you every step of the way.

Our expertise means you make the most profit, in the shortest time, with the least risk.



engage consultants and co-ordinate the entire project to get your DA approved, then tender the project to ensure you get a competitive market cost for your development. We are committed to you obtaining a quality development that will provide you with a fantastic investment opportunity plus returning your invested seed capital so you can repeat the cycle.


ProManaged-Qld Pty Ltd will:

  • Research, source and negotiate the purchase of a suitable development site on your behalf
  • Provide a feasibility study on the project, inclusive of a contingency sum safeguarding your interests
  • Co-ordinate consultants (architects, engineers, surveyors etc.) required to complete the job
  • Submit plans and forms to Council, and negotiate responses through our Town Planner
  • Maintain the project within budget and on time
  • Manage quality control
  • Develop a marketing and/or leasing plan that works for both the client and financier
  • Ensure leases are in place or sales have settled before we say our job is done
  • Guide you through every step of the process so you “learn while you earn” and gain skills you can apply to future development projects

The whole process is designed to be a stress free experience for our clients.

We Also Offer A Range Of Unique Services Designed For Your Success


ProManaged-Qld offers much more than project management to our property investors. We also offer informative, educational seminars to help clients understand all the things “they don’t tell you” about property investment.

Multiple Unit Development Properties Are The Key To Success In Property Investing. Pmq Are Here To Offer Our Industry Knowledge And Expertise So You Can Achieve The Results Of The Professional Developer.

What you’ll Learn

  • How to select an investment property for sustained cash flow and capital growth
  • How to optimise your finance by being GST-registered and borrowing commercial funds
  • How simple stepping stones will have you into multiple unit properties very quickly
  • How being part of our Joint Venture Program can be an advantage to you

To find out more or to book into our upcoming seminars, contact us today on (07) 3368 9070

Joint Ventures

A Joint Venture is an agreement where two or more parties form an interim partnership to share in the assets, knowledge, and profits for a specific purpose. ProManaged-Qld have a client database of investors who are interested in joint ventures. ProManaged-Qld are also able to assist you to obtain financial and legal advice for setting up a joint venture capable of successfully completing the project.

There are many advantages to entering into a joint venture. Depending on what you require for your portfolio and how fast you need to achieve that, joining forces in a joint venture to create your dream may be an option worth considering.

To find out more, Contact us today on (07) 3368 9070

Syndicated Development Projects:

Are you keen to invest in property but not ready to go it alone? A Property Syndicate is a group of like-minded people who wish to invest in property. Participating in a “low risk” syndicated investment with other parties could earn you a healthy profit.

PMQ are constantly evaluating potential sites on behalf of our clients. This enables us to source viable sites – those where our feasibility studies show that a development project should yield between 15-20% return based upon the projects value or approximately 100% ROI (return on investment). When a promising property is sourced, we appoint leading accountants and solicitors to set up the structure of the syndicated development group. PMQ then project manage the development from start to finish.

Advantages of entering into a syndicated project include:

  • Increased ability to achieve profits
  • Ability to commence your property investment journey sooner rather than later
  • Ability to extend your investment portfolio, even if your borrowing power is limited or you don’t meet bank criteria
  • A great risk management strategy, as risk is shared or reduced

Depending on how big and how fast you want to build a portfolio, joining a Property Syndicate will help you achieve your end result much sooner than you can imagine.

To find out more, Contact us today on (07) 3368 9070







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